Gilded Butterfly is dedicated to introducing young designers, artists and other wonderful talents.

I was born in Paris. Passionate about photography, I started my career in the press industry as an associate picture editor for Paris Match magazine. I always had a love affair with New York, where I lived happily in my west village apartment for 7 years. Out of passion for the city, I started my first blog, NY Butterfly to share my favorite places, the great things to do in  New York and talk about trends. I also introduced interesting New Yorkers through short interviews. 
 I am now based in London and I decided to launch this site to introduce many more gilded butterflies … 
Olivia Roussel, Gilded Butterfly Sub-Editor
A Londoner since 2001, Olivia Roussel grew up in Paris. After working as a cookery editor for a leading publisher on the visual arts, she is now a freelance editor and literary translator. A variety of projects feeds her obsession with words, from translating American novels into French to project-editing city guides.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. eloafauste@gmail.com says:

    Love this website!!!
    i am also in love with Delphine Delafon bags, I already have 4 of them and i want more! they really are collectibles.
    Keep up the good work!

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