Magali Pont, Jewelry Designer

Who are you Magali?  

I was born in Marseille 33 years ago but Paris has adopted me for a long time now—I’m a real Parisian child! I studied history and archaeology and started working in fashion early on with jobs in design, production and journalism.

You worked for a ready-to-wear brand before starting your own business. Why did you decide to launch a jewelry line?

In 1994, I met someone who changed my life, Laetitia Ivanez. The Prairies de Paris designer, she chose me to be her égérie, her muse, for 10 years. I grew up with her, and after a while, she offered me to design the jewelry collection for her brand. I am self-taught and began to learn my future job by watching the know-how of French craftsmen. Little by little I gained in confidence and decided that is was time to launch my own brand because my style was very different from that of Laetitia. She was supportive and encouraged me to embark on this adventure.

Why did you call your brand AIME?

The second person who changed my life is my partner, Hadrien Bernard. We meet in 2000 and are associates in my company, so it was obvious that we had to name it AIME (LOVE in French!).

Where is your studio? Is everything hand-made there?

My studio is in the middle of Paris near the Louvre Museum, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau—above the Louboutin shop! All our garments and accessories are hand-made in Paris by the best handicraft specialists who work for French luxury brands.

If you had to design a line for a famous brand, which one would you like it to be?

Hermès. The company has got the best materials and the best workers in the world at its disposal. It would be my dream to have such favourable working conditions.

Which celebrities would you be honoured to see wear your creations?

We are already lucky enough to have Ayo, Eva Mendes, Uffie, Julie Gayet and Louise Bourgoin wearing our creations.

You are based in Paris: what is your favourite place in the city, or favourite thing to do?

My brand is very romantic and all the Paris gardens, its little squares (Place de Furstenberg, Place Dauphine…) and streets offer great spots to watch people living and to find inspiration…

A favourite restaurant? 

My favourite restaurants are the famous Pierre Gagnaire for the gustative experience, and the more accessible Anahi (49 rue Volta, 3rd) for its authenticity.

A favourite bar/club?

Right now my favourite bar is the Silencio!

A favourite shop?

For furniture: Astier de Villate (173 rue Saint Honore, 1st)

For clothes: Les Prairies de Paris (23 rue de Debelleyme, 3rd)

For colours & art supplies: Magasin Sennelier (3 quai Voltaire, 6th)

For flowers: Vertumne (1 rue de la Sourdière, 1st)

You have a baby, what is your favourite children clothes shop in Paris? Do you have a secret place?

I like to go by Petit Pan where you can find a lot a cute presents for kids, and also to Bonton and Zef. My secret place for children is La Cité des Sciences, a science museum in the Parc de la Villette!

If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?

We would like live in Tokyo for a year.


Mainly because we do a lot of business in Japan!

What’s next, any project?

A shop, I have already found the location but it is a secret for the moment. I hope it is going to work out!

Check out and shop Magali’s collection on

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