Anndra Neen, Jewelry Designer

Who is behind Anndra Neen?

Annette and Phoebe Stephens:  We were both born in Mexico City.  We went to school in the US and have lived in New York ever since.  When it comes to Anndra Neen we do everything together both the design and the business side.

Why did you pick the name Anndra Neen?

It is a combination of both our middle names Alejandra and Annette.


We can’t say that your backgrounds are jewelry oriented, how did you decide to start a jewelry line?

We took a trip to Japan together and we were so inspired by their aesthetic and fashion sense that we decided we wanted to do something creative together.

Your grandmother, Annette Nancarrow, has had a great influence on your creativity, can you tell us a little about her? Is she the source of your inspiration?

Our grandmother was an artist, sculpture and jewelry designer in Mexico in the 30’s and 40’s who was part of the art movement of the time.  Her jewelry was all hand made and one of a kind. She has been a huge inspiration for us both in her attitude towards life and her creativity.  She was always adorned with big statement pieces.



All your pieces are unique. Are they all handmade in NYC?

We have a workshop in Mexico City and everything is handmade there.


Ideally, if you had to design a line for a famous brand , which one would it be?

Lanvin, Verdura, Buccellati.

Which celebrities would you be flattered to see wear your designs?

Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba, Anna Paquin, Drew Barrymore, Iris Apfel have all worn our pieces.  We also love Tilda Swinton, Daphne Guinness, Marion Cotillard, Kate Bosworth, Carey Mulligan, Eva Green, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Kirstin Scott Thomas Polly Mellen.

You are based in New York, what is your favorite place in the city?

Annette: Finding rare books at The Strand.

Phoebe: I love walking around aimlessly.

A favorite restaurant?

Annette: Little Owl

Phoebe: Kajitsu

A favorite bar / club?

Annette: Kenmare

Phoebe: Boom Boom Room

A favorite shop?

Annette: No. 6 Store, Atelier, Edit, The New World Order

Phoebe: Kirna Zabete, Shop Bop, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Couture Lab, The New World Order.

Any secret place?

Annette: Little Branch Bar

Phoebe: There is a beautiful secret park on Hudson and Barrow

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Annette: London

Phoebe: Paris


Annette: The street fashion, music. The city is forward thinking and alive.

Phoebe: The city is breathtaking and the fashion and food are amazing.

What’s next? Any project?

We are working on our new collection that we will showcase during fashion week in September with a surprise spectacular.

Anndra Neen pieces are available on CoutureLab and Shopbop.
For more information, visit their website

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