Victoria Spruce, Shoe Designer

Who are you Victoria? 

I am a 25 year old British footwear designer based in London. I first studied at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion and now have just recently graduated from Royal College of Art. Now I’m out into the real world!!

How did you decide to design shoes?

I’ve always wanted to. It’s been my ambition for as long as I can remember! It wasn’t until I was finishing school that I found out there are degrees solely for footwear design… at which point I applied and was lucky enough to be accepted!

This is your first collection, where did you work before launching your own brand?

I am fresh out of college so this is my first step into trying to make my own collection. Before my second degree I worked for a high street footwear company as their head designer, which was a great experience, but too limiting on the creative side within that market bracket.

Your designs are architectural, sculptural and ultra sexy, where do you find your inspiration?

Funnily enough… my inspiration has always come from architecture and sculpture! I thinks that it’s amazing to take elements of something from a much larger size and scaling them down to the size of a shoe. I always kind of set out to design a collection of sculptures that just happen to be wearable at the same time!

If you had to design a line for a famous brand, who would it be?

I’m a big fan of the shoes they produce at Balenciaga… so I guess it would be there. I love the diversity of each footwear collection season by season and material mixes that they throw together always work and totally compliment the clothing collections on the catwalk.

Who is the shoe designer you admire the most and why?

I’m probably going to have to be quite predictable here and say Manolo Blahnik… I think his shoes are beautiful and timeless… and he will always be the pinnacle of footwear design for others to aspire to.

Which celebrities would you be flattered to see wear your designs?

Due to her current success in both the music and fashion world… I think I would have to say Lady Gaga! Whether you love her or hate her, I think it’s hard to deny the power and affect that she has over todays media. If she is wearing something today then everyone else is wearing something similar tomorrow!

You are based in London, what is your favorite place in the city?

During the summer months (when we are lucky enough to get summer weather) I love making a picnic and heading to one of London’s many parks with friends… when you are surrounded by such a bustling city everyday, its amazing that the parks can take you completely away from that feeling, and you can just relax, have a laugh and watch London’s diverse and quirky characters go by.

A favorite restaurant?

I love Mien Tay. It’s a small Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsland Road with amazing food! The best thing is that it’s nice and cheap too!

A favorite bar or club?

I’m not sure I really have one to be honest… it changes all the time, and a place can change depending on the crowd that are there at any one time…

I did however find a small bar the other day that you wouldn’t know was there otherwise… you go into a cafe and open a completely normal looking SMEG fridge… but instead of butter and milk inside, there is actually a staircase leading down to a dimly-lit cocktail bar! (The Mayor of Scary Cat Town)

A favorite shop?

I have a thing for art and stationery shops… I can spend hours inside them and end up walking out with all sorts of things that seem like a great idea to buy at the time but end up sitting on my desk unused…

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Either Paris or New York… I could see myself fitting brilliantly into either and have made it my goal to live in both cities at some point in my life.


I love city living… and although I love London… I think that both Paris and New York have different vibes to them as well and I want to experience them for more than just a holiday trip!!

What’s next? Any project?

I am still at the very early stages… I am currently working on developing my samples through to production… I’m hunting for investors and trying to develop the materiality further so that they can be perfect when I am finally ready to sell them!

To find out more information about Victoria check and her Facebook page

One thought on “Victoria Spruce, Shoe Designer

  1. Evelyn says:

    Wow, these are amazing structure. I admire art in fashion. Fashion lately has become boring and routine. We need new fabrics, that feel luxurious and that are affordable. We need assessories that are intense for our eyes, like these shoes by Victoria Spruce. Can’t wait to be able to get them and show the world how to wear them!

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